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QuranYou can download The Quran in audio amr format which is suitable for most modern mobile phones including Nokia and Android operated phones.
amr format is compressed audio to a small size which results in about 50 MB for the whole Quran for one reciter. Additional reciters will be added here to complete the most known 21 reciters.

1- Abd AlBast Abd Al Samad (62MB)

2- Soud Shreim (38MB)

3- AbdAlRahman AlSudais (44MB)

4- Abdullah AlJahni (41MB)

5- Abdullah AlKhayyat (40MB)

6- AbuBakr AlShatery (51MB)

7- Ali Huthaifi (60MB)

8- Ali Jaber (47MB)

9- Mohammad Mheisani (41MB)

10- Mahmoud Al Banna (53MB)

11- Khaled AlKahtani (54MB)

12- Mohammad Hassan (56MB)

13- Mohammad Ayoub (63MB)

14- Saad Ghamedi (46MB)

15- Tawfeeq AlSayegh (51MB)

16- Yaser Al Qurashi (58MB)

17- Mostafa Ismael (59MB)

18- Mshari Al Afasi (59MB)

19- Mohammad Tabalawi (60MB)

20- Mohammad Jebreel (64MB)

21- Mahmoud Husari (67MB)

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